Mahabaleshwar, a place  to be visited anytime but the best time to visit in is in the summer season, March and May. It is a place with beautiful sights and fabulous view. There are so many spots that can be explored.  Mahabaleshwar is about 123 km from Pune and 230 km from Mumbai, Mahabaleshwar is a vast plateau measuring 150 km2 , bound by valleys on all sides. With a height of 1,439 m this place has breathtaking panoramic views which can’t be missed!

Mahabaleshwar is the source of the Krishna River and Koyna River which unites at Karad and later on flows across Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

The climate is well suitable for cultivation of strawberries. Do you know that Mahabaleshwar’s strawberry contributes to about 85 percent of the total strawberry production in the country.

We booked a Zoom Car for 2 days which costed around Rs. 5000 including the fuel cost and other expenses. Once you have reached Mahabaleshwar you would be having lot more things to do and experience. The nearest and the most alluring spot is Elephant’s head point which is been located at very high altitude and has a beautiful view of the valley. I visited Mahabaleshwar in September and since it wasn’t the best time, I could not see the place properly because of dense fog. The feel when I was between the clouds was amazing though.

The greenery around it is worth appreciating and the spot is known for beauty and peace. The rock formations there is in a way that it resembles the trunk of an elephant and that’s the secret behind it’s name! It was founded in the year 1930 by Dr. Murray.  You can get a panoramic view of the humongous fort of Pratapgarh surrounded by Kova Valley on one side and Savitri Valley on the other side.

I did a mistake to visit it at a wrong time but you must note that the best time to visit the place is between the months of March and June since Mahabaleshwar experiences heavy rainfall during June to September. 

The next spot to visit is Arthur’s seat or Suicide point. It offers the most fascinating view of the dense valleys of Brahma-Arayana and the Savitri river. The point is a huge table that stands on a natural pillar.

To reach Arthur’s seat, you can do treking which takes approx 7 to 8 hours and starts from Dhawale village.

The next spot you can visit is Venna Lake. Venna Lake lies at a distance of 2 km from the market of Mahabaleshwar. You can easily get a public transport from the market to Venna Lake.If you have got some children with you, you can also visit the wax museum near the Mahabaleshwar market. They have got statues of famous celebrities and also a movie which you can enjoy!

On returning back you can enjoy a lavish meal at Mapro and shop for some amazing candies and real pulp mixes. Do try out their sandwiches and pizzas! You can also visit Dhom Dam, a place not so famous but a beautiful one. Dabangg 1, Dabangg 2 and Chennai Express have been shot near the area.  

Hope you enjoyed reading! I’ll be back with another post soon 🙂

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