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Being Mumbai’s famous and Bollywood’s favourite, Arth has now opened its doors in Pune! Entirely a gas- free concept is what made me fall in love with the place. The credit of the beautiful and classy interior goes to Celebrity interior designer Gauri Khan!

Arth is spread over 7000 square feet, the floor to ceiling door, the three flaming glass lamps, the pillar of hardbound books and the gold highlights on black welcome patrons to this one of a kind experience.

Despite the new varieties making a success in the city yet, there are many including me who crave for the traditional food. Not only the traditional food, to be specific, traditional methods of cooking the food. With the advancements in technology, we have left away all the traditional methods and now no one even knows what Angeethi, sandpit, sigri, mortar and pestle, heavy-bottomed copper lagans, earthen chattis etc are! And Celebrity Chef Amninder Sandhu uses them all to make Arth entirely gas free.

The food at Arth reminded me of my Grand Mother who used all the traditional methods for cooking and the taste of that food as compared what we get in restaurants today has a lot of difference. The flavours not only depends on the spices but also on the utensils we cook in. The traditional methods took a lot of time while cooking and that’s the secret of the flavours. Slow cooking always helps in deriving the maximum flavour! If you are still not impressed, you will for sure after hearing about the food.

Each dish on the menu is rooted in the ancient techniques of cooking. Inspired by the fact that the earliest record of cooked food in history made use of a charcoal-powered hearth, Chef Amninder Sindhu ensured that each dish is prepared on wood or charcoal.


As soon as you have a seat, you are welcomed with a surprise and that’s ‘Amuse Bouche’. It just melted in my mouth as I had it and inside was…*Surprise*. Sorry but I won’t disclose it as it would ruin the whole surprise 😛

The whole menu is divided majorly as Small Dishes and Large Dishes and I’ll share the recommended ones as always!

Small Dishes

Morels Stuffed– Morels is a rare breed of Mushroom which costs around Rs. 30,000 per kilogram and is found in Kashmir. Morels came stuffed with Smoked Mushroom and Walnut Soil around it.

The presentation and taste were just amazing and it’s a must have if you visit Arth.

Price – Rs. 850/- 

Stuffed Tandoori Aloo – My all time favourite dish. It was a very basic dish with stuffing of mixed vegetables, golden raisins and cashew nuts cooked in tandoor. The stuffing was just so good.

Price – Rs. 295/-

Yogurt Clouds – An impressive dish which is served in ladle and is very refreshing. The base is potato basket in which yogurt spheres are served topped with tamarind and mint chutney.

Price – 295/-

Large Dishes

Hay Smoked Jungli Murgi – One of the best non-veg dishes I had at Arth. The dish is accompanied with Jawar Roti, which is heavy enough that it’s sufficient for a meal. It was moderately spicy chicken curry and was cooked in desi ghee. So, gave a pure traditional feel.

Batak –  Slow cooked duck, loaded with flavours, simple and mouth watering. Served with mini sannas (Sannas are spongy steamed savoury rice cakes), Pickled Madras onions and Salad.

Pearl Potato – Never had Pearl Potatoes in my life before. This was the first time I tried Badami Aloo and were quite different in taste than regular ones. Potatoes were as small as a size of pearl and here’s goes the name ‘Pearl Potatoes’.

Paneer Smoked – The Combination of Spinach and Paneer has always been my favourite. So, this yummy dish came with green peas stuffed Paneer with Spinach gravy. Along with came Manipuri Black Rice Dosa which was just amazing. A must try.

Paper Sweet – A dessert you won’t have ever tried before. Thin sheets of rice, actually ultra thin sheets of rice stuffed with brown sugar, ghee and dry fruits. You need to have it in one go, if not, will feel a bit dry.

Overall had a very good experience with this unique gas-free concept and you must try it! Totally recommended.

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