Let’s discuss something different from PTC’s now.

Traffic exchange websites or TE’s provide a platform for Advertisers to advertise their website for free or a very low cost and give some quick cash to members who view websites of advertisers.

It simply develops a relationship between members and advertisers. The concept is somewhat related to PTC websites as we talked here , but not same.

What’s the difference between TE’s and PTC?

In PTC’s members can only earn cash but in Traffic exchanges they can advertise their websites for free and earn cash too!

So, if someone needs Free Advertising, Traffic exchange is the solution.

You will find unlimited reward pages here while surfing websites and that can be free advertising credits or even cash. Keep Surfing. keep earning. Keep advertising. Everything just for free!

The most interesting thing is Commission System.

As a free member you get some commission from whatever your referrals purchase. Say 10%. So, you got 20 referrals and they purchased some products worth $10 each. Total Purchase = 20 x $10 i.e $200 and your commission will be 10% i.e $20

Isn’t that cool? You did nothing and got $20 straight to your account. You earned $20 as a standard member, what if you were a VIP or premium member? You would have got $100 as the commission for them is 50% . You must be really interested now for joining such programs 😛

Next are the Contests.

Every TE has some or the other contests running everytime. It includes Referral Contests, Surfing Contest, Top Promoter Contest etc. You can make upto $200 from these every month. Depends on availability.

To get started remember few things:

  1. You need to work a little hard on getting direct referrals
  2. You need to join more than 1 website so as to advertise your link on the other for free and get referrals from there.
  3. Have some patience. Because nothing is as easy as ABC. It will take time but will surely provide you with stable income afterwards.
  4. Login to your account frequently, otherwise your account may get deactivated.
  5. Get a paypal account to receive payments.

Start your journey now by joining websites from below banners!!  Happy earnings.

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