If you are a Shopaholic, then Cashkaro is made just for you. While shopping everyone wants to buy an item at the best price. Shopping with a lot of discounts is really fun! When you see an item with 30% off, you just buy it without thinking anything. But it might be possible that the same item, is available somewhere else with 40% discount.

Here’s a catch, if can see an individual product available online on different websites at 1 single platform, would it sought out your problems?

Absolutely yes! And not even this, you can get latest coupon codes also.

Wait, Wait, Wait.. The major reason why cashkaro.com is famous is not for coupons, but for the cashback they give 🙂

You got a product from xyz.com instead of abc.com and availed 40% discount instead of 30% discount and you will not get an “Extra Cashback” Wow!!

I know this is making you crazy but this is true! I myself use cashkaro everytime I do my Recharge, Pay Bills, Order Pizza, Shop online from any website be it amazon, flipkart, snapdeal etc

1Here’s a screenshot of my cashkaro.com account

Which websites are covered under Cashkaro?

CashKaro.com works with over 1000+ retailers, including Amazon, Flipkart, Dominos, Paytm etc. Just type the name of the retailer you want to shop on in the search bar, or browse through different categories to see the great variety of our retail partners.

Is there any membership fee?

No! It’s totally free to signup and use Cashkaro

Will I get cashback apart from the discounts?

Yes! The cashback you get is just an “Extra Cashback” . If you are using any promo code, you will get discount or cashback on merchant’s website also.

How to redeem my cashback?

As soon as you will reach Rs.250 in your account, you can request it to your bank account.

So the only reason why Cashkaro is India’s No.1 Cashback & Coupons Website is that they have coupon codes as well as cashback too! Happy shopping.


If you still have any questions regarding cashkaro , feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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