Kamshet is a hill station in Maharashtra with luscious green cover, placid lakes and undulating hilly terrains making it a perfect holiday destination. Nestled in the Western Ghats about 118 km from Mumbai, Kamshet straddles the ancient trade route between the Konkan region and Pune.

Kamshet is just 55 km away from Pune , I reached there in an hour by driving on the old Mumbai Pune highway. If someone wants to relax or wants to spend their weekend peacefully, so Kamshet is the perfect destination for them. It’s a great getaway from the crowded hectic urban life.

This beautiful hilly area, has an altitude of 2200 feet. The weather was pleasant and the route has ravishing views and the hills along this route are dotted with the ancient caves temples.

Kamshet is a dream come true for all those who love to spend time with their loved ones and love flying, freedom and nature . No noise, no pollution, just hills, lakes and beautiful scenery which changes along with the season.

Kamshet is better known as the ‘Paraglider’s Paradise’, it is a major paragliding destination. Pavana lake also enhances the beauty of the wonderful rural area which attracted us the most. Near pavana lake you can also have the option of camping which are available on affordable prices and which is the another exciting and attractive thing about this place.

Since there are less places to visit, staying there for long is of no use. Lonavala is 11 km away from Kamshet, you can visit and plan a stay there!

Let me know if you have any queries about the place and do share the post among friends. Happy Travelling!

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