Do you want to Make Money Blogging? Making money from Blogging is the easiest way to earn money online, provided if done with a lot of patience 😛

” Patience is bitter, but it’s fruit is sweet.” If you have Patience inside you, nothing is difficult!

Likewise, Blogging is an easy task but you need to wait in order to generate lots and lots of money.

It’s not that you wrote 10-20 posts and it’s over, but you need to be active throughout. Keep writing and a day will surely come when you will be getting a lot of traffic on your blog which would result in revenue. The revenue will be generated via ads (Google Adsense) that you will put up on your blog. The revenue is never fixed and always depends on the traffic (number of visitors) you receive daily. More the traffic, more the revenue!

You might be thinking that from where to start and how everything will go? Ok let me explain you in detail now from the start.

How to start up a blog?

Do you have any idea about what to write? What you have interest in? Like you may write articles about technology , fashion, lifestyle etc. Decide the theme before hand and then get a domain name. A domain name like or anything of your choice. You can get it form godaddy, bigrock etc.

After you have a domain name, you need hosting. As you are just starting, take up the starter plan which would cost you around Rs. 60/ month

You can also get these things in free with some sub domain but that doesn’t look professional. When you are starting, start it in a way that you’ll be a professional blogger one day 🙂

Great! You got your website ready now and it’s time to be creative, set up themes and make your website look beautiful 😛 You know what, websites are just likes girls, more beautiful and simple they look, attracts a lot of people.

You need to install a script on your website for the same. Like WordPress, Joomla etc I will explain the process for wordpress here.

Open the cPanel of your website. Details are already provided you from where you purchased the hosting. Check your mail.

Here you can see various scripts available, which will be installed easily in a few seconds or so. Select WordPress from there and click on Install.

Fill in the required details, in Directory, type down the address where you want your website to be installed. Leave it empty if you choose root directory. Eg. If you want it to be installed on leave it empty and if type dir there. Fill in rest of the details and click on ‘Install’.


DONE! Select the theme from the collection there and your blog is ready. Post some articles of your interest and do read this post explaining how to write a blog before writing one. 🙂

Keep writing for about 2-3 months, 2 to 3 articles per week is a good frequency for beginners. When you have at least 25 articles you can apply for a Google Adsense account. For a guide on How to apply for a Google Adsense account , refer here.

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