Just follow these few simple steps to get started with PTC Websites :

1. Register here.

2. Login to your account using your details. Don’t forget to verify your email (if needed)

3. Simply View ads and start earning cash.

*Read all the TOS of Useclix carefully as breaking any of them would result in suspension of your account.*

You will notice that after seeing all the ads you still got a very little cash, like Rs. 5 or Rs. 10 . You would ask is this just i will earn? Such a small amount? And the answer is NO.
Useclix has an amazing referral system.
Referrals are further of 2 types-
1.Rented Referrals
2.Direct Referrals

Direct referrals are those who will register on Useclix using your referral link and will be under your downline. You will earn commissions daily from them. Getting Direct referrals is somewhat difficult so you can continue with Rented referrals. Rented referrals are type of bots who will work for you.

For eg. You got 2000 referrals and you are earning Rs. 5 daily, with 2000 referrals the amount would simply be 2000 x Rs.5 = Rs. 10,000

I think now you are really eager to know now, is it that easy to earn such a good amount?
Indeed that is.

You will need some money for investment initially to earn money quickly.

You need to invest Rs.1200 for a quick start.

For investment you need a payment processor which the website allows. See in the Help section.
Registering at Paypal is a cool option as it’s the best and easiest way to receive and send payments.
Get your account verified first. Add money using your debit/credit card.

Ok. Now you are ready to fly 😛
Login to your account at UseClix
Go to Purchase balance, Click on the amount and select paypal from the window that appears and add $20.

You now have $20 in your Useclix account!! Great! <3

Buy 100RR now! For purchasing, Click on Rent referrals option and there you will find 100 RR option. There you go!
Open your account daily and view all orange ads, 4 or 8 depending on your membership.

Sit back and Relax! Just click the ads everyday. If you miss to view ads any day, you will not get earnings for the next day. So it is important to click daily.

You can rent at most 200 Referrals in the standard membership. You have 100 in your account and can rent the next ones only after 7 days.

After 7 days from now you would have around $7-$10 in your account. Add $10 again in your account so that you have $20 in your account and rent the next 100 referrals. Now you have 200 Referrals in your account.

Each referral would give you $0.005 (per rented referral click) x 1.5 (Average) and you have 200 Referrals. So daily earning would be $0.005 x 1.5 x 200 = $1.5 – $2 (approx) i.e Rs. 120 a day..Not that bad!

Keep accumulating $2 each day and at the end of 30 days you will have $60 in your account.

From $60 you need $40 for renewing your rented referrals as they come for a period of 30 days. Here your profit is $20 .i.e Rs.1200 +

That’s just the first step, you will need to travel a very long distance to achieve your goal.

Be ready for some big investment. That would be $80 ( for golden membership). When you buy golden membership, your RR (rented referral) limit would become 2000 and price per click would be doubled. From $0.005, it would be $0.01 now.

As you were already earning $2 everyday, that amount would now become $4. You already had $20 in your account and now you are golden buy 100 more RR. You would now be having 300 RR. Daily earning = 300 x $0.01 x 2 = $6. Monthly= $6 x 30 = $180 . That’s Great!! You are making money online 😛

Continue renewing your RR and try getting 2000 asap. It takes some time but feels really good after reaching that point where you start getting $20 everyday. i.e Rs. 1200 everyday.
36,000 Monthly <3

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