It was really a great opportunity to meet the adorable Kalki Koechlin. A very big thanks to Pizza Express, Nehru place for this exhilarating moment.

This was the second time I met a celeb personally. Before Kalki, I met Babbal Rai in my college, as i was one of the organisers at that time. It feels really astounding when you are standing with a person to whom the world knows.. It was like something big I achieved in my life.


Kalki was there for the inauguration of Pizza Express in the Food Place, Epicuria at Nehru Place in South Delhi. She prepared a delicious pizza with chef of PE and at last we all enjoyed every bite of it. It was really a yummy one. 😛


Kalki, is a half French and shared that she was taught how to make pizza from scratch by her mother. The way she was making a pizza was amazing. The way she rolled up the pizza base in air was stunning. She did everything so perfectly as if she was a professional chef.

After she was free with everything, me with some fellow bloggers were invited to take photographs with Kalki and have a few words.
I remembered someone asking her about the most embarrassing moments she ever had. And she told that whenever she forgets the lines on set, she is embarrassed the most. Although Kalki is a big and famous celebrity, yet she is really good in nature, must say.

Mr. Sanjay Nandrajog, the CEO of Pizza Express, India was also among us. Before we were about to leave, Pizza Express gave us some really cool plates which were autographed by Kalki herself. I’ll keep it safe till the end and remember this moment seeing it.


Now let’s wait for some other opportunity like this one and i’ll be here to share the experience with you all guys. 🙂

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