Need some cash? 

Your answer would be “YES”  and that’s why you reached here.
Ok, to start with, you will first have to know what a PTC website is?
PTC (Paid To Click ) is a category of websites recently being used by a lot of people to earn some quick cash. The concept is based on advertising. The advertisers will post their website’s ads on this websites and the members will view ads which the advertisers posted. Now the question would be, how to earn cash? Let me explain you this with an example.
For example I am owner of some and want to advertise my website on (one of the well known PTC). I have Rs.5000 for advertising and i posted my ad on I got 4000 views for my website in Rs.5000. Members will come and see my website and get some cash instead. Now from Rs.5000, almost Rs.4500 would be distributed among members who came to see the ad and remaining Rs.500 would be useclix’s admin profit. The interesting thing is that there are thousands of advertisers who advertise daily, giving a large profit to both members and admin of website.
Members and admin got cash as their profit and advertiser got his website promoted.

Therefore it is a win-win situation for everyone.
So, start making money from home now with PTC websites!! Read more here:

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