Around 30% of the population nowadays like to shop online instead of going to crowded markets. It’s because they get a stupendous variety of products. If you got some business, why not expand it worldwide? Yes it’s possible with Ezebee 🙂 A lot of customers are waiting eagerly to see your products!! Go online and show the world what all you got by creating a free online marketplace. It’s really easy to set up an account at and that too “FREE”.

If you are impressed & ready to set up your free online shop, follow the below steps:

Step 1 – Click Join Us and enter your email address and password. Alternatively you can sign up with Facebook to create free facebook shop And for Twitter as well.


Step 2: Add your photo, Enter your details and Click on Go!

Congratulations, Your Account is now set up at


Step 3: Go to your profile and select Create Showroom option from the drop down list.



Step 4: Select your Business type. You need to select the appropriate category in which your business is listed.



Step 5: Input the details of your showroom and you are ready. Enter a name, a URL – the link by which your store would be accessible on the internet and finally a pretty good description for your showroom.



Great!! You are now done with the procedure of opening a showroom and sell online. It was quick! Now add the products, define a price and your products will be live in no time.

You are finally done with everything but before you start, you need to know more about

Why Ezebee ?

  • First of all, it’s free. So, no need of any investments. Entrepreneur while starting with small business always think more on investment part and that problem is solved with Ezebee .
  • It’s really easy to create online shop and takes minutes.
  • You can add Unlimited Products
  • Payment methods- Paypal, bank transfers or EZBs
  • Great support system
  • Forum for discussion. You can also ask questions if you have in Forum

I am sure you are really excited to boost up your business with Ezebee . Sign up now!!



If you have any queries related to ezebee, feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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