Just close your eyes for 5 seconds and think your life without mobile phone? Oh man!! These were the worst 5 seconds of my life, this is what you are thinking. We can surely live without food for 12 hours or so but not even 12 minutes without looking into our phones. It’s true!! Mobile Phones are now a part of our life and no one cannot even imagine their life without it.

We just need a mobile phone with active internet connection nowadays and we can stay all alone for hours..

The latest technology we need to discuss is 4G or LTE. Lightening fast internet now supported in India serves you as fast as we blink our eyes. Isn’t that great?

Everyone, including kids, are used to mobile phones so much that they don’t need to go out to play, don’t need anything to eat, just they need is a mobile phone with games and Maggi. This is what they need and admire in life. 😛

Recall your life 10 years ago, no smartphones, no internet connectivity, no access to social networking websites, no whatsapp 🙁 I feel like crying thinking of life then. But now we got good people who invented smartphones, connected countries, made earth like a small city where we can connect  with anyone at any time, can have live video call, text unlimited free, and many many more things.

Life is running at such a good pace that we do not have to see no more loading bars which made us irritating. Octacore processors has already made our smartphones run like rockets and now we got 4G internet connectivity too. No more loading… Wow!!

User interface of a Smart Phone is something which attracts us towards it. Android – Operating System, has done every possible effort to make us interact with the device easily and conveniently. Android version keeps on updating as our needs keep changing. Therefore, Android takes care of us. Latest Android version is Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It got really exciting features which you guyz need to check it out. 🙂

A small but really important think i am missing is “CAMERA” . Camera is another feature which has made smartphones the most important part of our life. We wake up in the morning, click a ‘Selfie’ and send to our friends with a message Good Morning, We are about to have breakfast, again selfie, we go for shopping, selfie, we go to restaurant, selfie, we are about to sleep, selfie. No life without selfie, really! 🙂 No more need to wait for photographers in weddings to click our pictures, we got everything right there in our pocket. Just take it out and everything is in our hands right away!!


No one is going to take us this technology from us, instead it would bring some advances every single day. Enjoy your life #TechnoCrats

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