When we talk about home décor or interior designs, little things result in a perfect home. Today we are going to talk about another small thing which enhances the beauty of your rooms, keeps you safe and is also used multiple times a day. Can you guess which part of the home I’m referring to? Well, #ThinkSwitch

When building homes, people focus on everything from designs, paint, wooden paneling, roof, lights and even window grills. But what most people overlook are the quality and design of the switches they install in their homes.

Be Safe Than Sorry With Luminous!

We all know that switches are our main interface with electricity, as they control the electrical circuits by interrupting or diverting current. Since we use them multiple times daily, is it safe to say that we are quite prone to electrical shocks and other health risks? Therefore, there is no room for inferior quality switches.

Selecting switches was a breeze in our parents’ time when there were simple choices like white or off-white switches set in a matching switch plate. But today, the choice isn’t so easy when we have a lot of colours, finishes, trims, textures, etc. Nowadays, picking out switches is almost like shopping for clothes!

Be Stylish With Luminous!

Luminous presents its exciting range of home decor switches which will give a new life to your walls. With modern finishes, exciting color options and elegant designs it opens up a galaxy of choices for you to design a dream home as exclusive as you are.


These switches have a global pedigree and have been crafted with immense attention to detail to give you the kind of quality that you can blindly rely on. The long life of switches ensures that the bond between you and your home decor lasts forever.


And the good news is Luminous is providing expert advice at your doorstep! You can register here and get more information about the Elegant Modular Switches that Luminous has to offer. Once you have registered, an expert will arrive at your home within 48 hours and will take you through the various categories of Luminous switches and provide you with a list of Luminous Certified electricians in your city.

Happy decorating. It’s time to #ThinkSwitch

Find out more at https://www.luminousindia.com/think-switch

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