Andhra Pradesh, the lively state of South India is a storehouse of vibrancy and adventure and rich culture. A hub for spirituality and recreation seekers, it offers a magnanimous bulk of tourist spots that will be never be exhausted. From the pious Venkateshwara Temple, the holy place of worship for devout of Lord Vishnu to the beautiful beaches were water sports and sun bathing are enjoyed in abundance. Besides typical beaches, Andhra Pradesh also provides the remote experience of being lost is a wonderful, tropical island. These spots of land in the middle of the sea are not too glamorous, but provide the sweet escape to a life of calm waves and sandy shores. Visit these upcoming recreational hotspots to experience them in solitude, before they become over populated with throngs of tourists waiting to rejuvenate themselves.


  1. Diviseema


Diviseema, also called as Avanigadda, is located in the Krishna River. This small island is brimming with a host of activities for you to experience at your leisure. The island has a wildlife sanctuary where you can witness tropical wilderness in its full force. The ferry ride might just turn out to be the most exciting and humbling cruise experience for you, in the midst of tranquility and scenic beauty. You can also view a river side jetty cruise in this island, taking you to a rustic lighthouse. The island is also famous for providing state of the art kayaking facilities. Perhaps the most enjoyable moments at this island could be spent camping by the beach, with the golden sunset in the distance.


  1. Hope Island


For a temporary yet glorious escape from a routine life, visit the Hope Island for some fun under the sun. Take a ferry to reach this small island and witness fishermen at their job. You can be assured of solitude in this peaceful island that is so disconnected with the bustling city life. Feel the sea breeze caress your face and the lovely sounds of nature energize your being. A walk in the green forests will remind you of the little joys in life, such as seeing a bird feed her young ones, a leaping frog or the swinging leaves. Perfect for a picnic or even simple photography, you can put all your hopes in spending a gala time at Hope Island.


  1. Sriharikota


Add a dose of space exploration to your recreational time at Sriharikota. The island is one of the satellite launchers in India, apart from it being a gorgeous site where you can explore Earth’s diversity. A barrier island in Bay of Bengal, this island is a perfect getaway for a mini vacation. Pack your picnic baskets and relax in this undisturbed abode of nature, enjoying the soothing sights of sea waves washing over tiny sea shells. The pleasant climate of this place will help you unwind and wane away tensions of the body and mind.


  1. Gollapalem


Get ready to bathe in buckets full of joy at the neat and clean beach of this beautiful island. Gollapalem is a spotless island in Andhra Pradesh that offers a much-needed break from the monotony of work life. Head straight to this lively island, with tall palm trees, earthy brown sand and picturesque pebbles scattered in a pattern on the wet floor. Relish the quiet of the Gollapalem Island alone, or in the company of your loved ones.


  1. Bhavani Island


Feel the grandeur of one of the largest river islands in India, in the happy island in Andhra Pradesh. Bhavani Island is named after the Goddess Durga, also known by the name of Bhavani. The holy Kanaka Durga Temple, with its intricate architecture is located in the vicinity of the island, visited by many tourists all year round. Get a chance to take away a memento of the culture, by shopping at a local art and craft market that sells authentic woven and sculpted products. The island has a number of entertainment facilities for its tourists including a well-maintained park, some water sports and even a humble museum.


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Splash in the waves and sojourn under the sun at these 5 stunning islands in Andhra Pradesh. Get blown over by the rich flora and the serene ambience of these breathtaking islands and never miss a chance to feel at peace with nature.


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