As recognised by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2014, Truefitt & Hill is the Oldest Barbershop in the World, began in fashionable Mayfair in 1805, the year of Nelson’s victorious Battle at Cape Trafalgar, while King George III sat on England’s throne and William Pitt the Younger served as its Prime Minister. This was the era of fine craftsmanship, innovation and styling which set the scene for a history that is colourful, inventive and pioneering. From its array of exceptional products through to its legendary barbering services, there developed a heritage and sense of innovation that today marks Truefitt & Hill as the world leader in men’s grooming.

Today they have extended to various countries including Azerbaijan, Canada, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and U.S. I got to know about this luxurious salon when I was in search of the best salons in Delhi. In no time, I visited the salon and got a Royal Haircut. It’s not only Royal as the name is, but was actually a royal one. Do watch the video shared below which was shot in the salon showing what all is included in the Royal Haircut.


Talking about the products they use, they say “all the products have been carefully crafted in England since 1805 and they embody the essence of the British heritage at its best”. They have almost every single product which would make your salon experience splendid. Nizamuddin, the barber, before starting with the haircut, offered me a cappuccino with butter cookies and then started off with shampooing my hair. He used a hair dryer to dry my wet hairs and then the Haircut begin. He checked my hair texture and accordingly used the products. Also, he asked me what type of style I want and advised me some cool hairstyles. As the scissor and trimmer moved by my hair, in about 30 minutes I got a new and unique hairstyle. I was about to get up but he said there’s still a lot more to be done.

After the haircut, he continued to make me feel more relaxing by doing a Head Massage. I was asked about the type of oil I want to be applied and Nizamuddin got back in a minute with hot olive oil. The way he did massaged was so luxuriate that you will forget about every stress you have in life. The soft music in the background and hot towels around my hair were the best part which I truly loved.

It was time to end the royal cut with Shampoo and Conditioners that suited my hair type. With hair blower and hair clay he made a pleasant hairstyle which was adorable. The way they treat their customers makes the cost of every service offered worth it. I would recommend this salon if you are bored with your old hairstyle and would like to try something different that suits your personality.


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